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Be a Light
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New Movers

Find out who is moving into your mission field.
  • Each week you’ll receive a list of up to 25 households that have moved into a 15 mile radius of your church.
  • The list includes name, address, and how many miles they moved from their last address.
  • Your weekly movers are also plotted on your map.
  • New movers can be paired with your Lights who have opted in to visit new movers in their neighborhoods. Your Lights receive an automatic email notification asking them to pray for and visit the new mover assigned to them.
  • These people are more likely to accept an invitation to your church as they are likely looking for a new church home or new community to join.

monthly - $25, yearly - $300

monthly - $25, yearly - $300

Other products:

This product does not include the features of our other products. All products are separate and unique. For the most thorough solution and a complete toolbox, we recommend you subscribe to all our three products.