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About Us

The Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth (MCE) was established July 1, 1997 as a nonprofit Christian ministry. Our scriptural mandate comes from:

We believe God planted each church and ministry with the primary purpose of helping transform their neighbors into vibrant, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.


In 1996, a team of Christians in Kansas City partnered with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) in the JESUS Video Project. Through a new prayer-based, relational distribution approach, more than 10,000 Christian households adopted more than 40,000 probable unchurched neighbor homes. During the year those Christians prayed for them, met and ministered to them. Then, during the Christmas Season, they delivered a gift-wrapped Jesus Film VHS tape with cookies and a personal note to those adopted neighbor homes. After Christmas, each participating Christian home had the natural opportunity to follow up when they saw their neighbors.

To help recruit and equip the Christian believers, the leadership team developed the first generation of the unique Online Community Connector outreach system for churches.

This new strategic approach to personal evangelism facilitated several new benefits to the Body of Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission in the United States:

Following the success of the Kansas City JESUS Video Project project in 1996; Mission America, the Southern Baptist Convention, Assemblies of God, Nazarenes, CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), and other Great Commission churches, denominations, city-reaching movements and ministries all collaborated to launch MCE as a 501(c)(3) ministry to serve churches throughout America who ascribed to the Lausanne Covenant.

MCE is now in its 20th year. The Online Community Connector is the result of millions of dollars of investment to create a tool specifically designed from the ground up to support the Great Commission in America. As technology advanced, MCE stayed on the cutting edge, including developing internet-based delivery systems (BlessEveryHome.com) for the church to recruit, equip, mobilize and encourage Christians in America to follow Prayer-Care-Share lifestyles.

This Online Community Connector database contains household level demographic attributes which are all based on either publicly available or self-reported information and the application of highly sophisticated anthroponomastic algorithms (the study of human names).

MCE’s outreach toolbox includes:

Over the 20-year history of MCE, millions of neighborhood prayer lists have been generated and distributed to members of thousands of churches in many Christian denominations.

If you are a Christian believer, pastor or ministry leader, we would love privilege to serve you in completing the Great Commission throughout your mission field. Please contact us at info@mappingcenter.org.