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Churches with registered Lights in America


Data for your church on every household in America

72% better

Most Lights report feeling more equipped to impact neighbors' lives

trusted by thousands of life-changing ministries

Simple services to serve your ministry's strategy and needs

We offer diverse services for targeted outreach, starting at $20/month. These services work well together and can be purchases individually or together. Pay annually and save 10%.

Encourage More Prayer


See your city reached for Christ by activating your church as Lights who pray, care, and share.

  •   Real-time mission dashboard
  •   Adopted homes tracking
  •   Lights' location map
  •   Easy member sign-up
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Greet New Neighbors


Be the first to love on new households in your area with weekly updates. Assign them to your leaders.

  •   Up to 25 new movers weekly
  •   Comprehensive mover data
  •   Recent mover map view
  •   Connect Movers to Lights
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Know Your City Better

Community Connector

The most powerful insights about your city and the people in your church updated regularly

starts at 50/month
  •   Map attenders & prospects
  •   Goal tracking for outreach
  •   Unlimited mailing lists
  •   Integrate with your ChMS
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Bless Partner

Call your people to more praying, caring, sharing

Bless Starter, starting at just $20 per month. A great way for your ministry to begin getting your people more engaged in the community.

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Personalized Dashboard

Track your progress in prayer, care, and sharing actions

Adopt a Neighborhood

Focus your outreach efforts on specific areas and homes

Map Out Your Mission Field

Visualize your mission field and locate other Lights in your area

Pray, Care, Share, and Disciple

Engage in key actions to build relationships and share the Gospel

New Movers

Connect with new people every week

New Movers Plan for just $25/month. Get weekly new household lists, mapping tools, and automatically connect new movers with Lights.

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New Households Each Week

Receive a list of up to 25 new households within a 15-mile radius

Detailed Mover Information

Access names, addresses, and moving distances of new residents

New Movers Mapping

Plot new movers on your map and filter to show the most recent arrivals

Automatic Pairing with Lights

Connect new movers with affiliated Lights for prayer and visits

Community Connector

Know your people better

Community Connector Plan, starting at $50/month. Demographic data, mapping tools, project management, mailing lists, and integrate with your ChMS.

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Demographic People Data

Build and export demographics about your people and city

Ministry Project Management

Create and track outreach projects such as prayer walks and food drives

Unlimited Targeted Mailing Lists

Unlimited mailing lists and reports for any of your projects

Integrate with your systems

Seamlessly import your data and map your congregation

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