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About us

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is not shared by or it's parent ministry, the Mapping Center for Evangelism & Church Growth , with any other institution without your explicit permission except as noted below. No information is ever marketed or sold to anyone.

In order for to provide the services that it does, some information will need to be collected and stored. Here is a list of the information we collect along with how that information is obtained and utilized.

Who Has Access to the Data

As a user, there are instances where some of that user's information can be shared with other users of our service. These instances are listed and explained below.

Any user that has a prayer list and has recorded tallies of Pray, Care, Share, and Disciple statuses for their neighbors will have these tallies anonymously added to the totals of their local "neighborhood". A "neighborhood" is defined as the Census Block Group in which your house is located. (According to the Census Bureau, these block groups generally contain between 600 and 3,000 people). By default, the user's name and address will not be shown to the other users in their neighborhood. However, the user will be presented with the option to share their name and address with the other users in their neighborhood if they so wish. The intention of this feature is for users of our service to get in contact with each other and build personal relationships to better bless their neighborhoods. The user can choose to toggle the sharing of their name and address with other users in their neighborhood at any time using the corresponding checkbox under the "Neighborhood Connections" section on the settings page for their Light role.

Pray, Care, Share, and Disciple tallies will also be anonymously added to state and nationwide totals.

In the event that a Light associates themselves with a church or association in the user's Light role settings, the administrators of that church or association will be able to see the Light role's name, address, email address, generated prayer list, manually added or edited neighbor homes, Light role dashboard, prayer map and coverage map. The affiliated church or association's administrators will NOT have access to your password, personal prayer journal for each neighbor home, any other role that is part of the user's account, or any access to a user's Light role settings page or overall account page. Any user can prevent a church or association from seeing the things listed above by not affiliating themselves with a church or association. staff has the right to access and/or change all user-input data to better serve our users and increase our site's capabilities. Existing account passwords cannot be accessed by staff. In order to assist users in rare instances of an issue with their existing password, staff may assign a new password to a user's account.

What Information the User Can Control

A user has the right to change the following information:

At any point that the user decides, any Light role, along with all the information collected in the role, can be removed from our system.