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Become a Light

Join an ever-growing community of Christ followers who are devoted to being a light in their neighborhoods by praying for the families nearest them to know Jesus and living out a Pray, Care, Share missional lifestyle.

Pray for your Neighbors by Name

Lay the foundation for your personal mission field by praying regularly for your neighbors by name. Use this interactive list of your neighbors to track your journey through prayer journal entries, interactive maps, set-up automatic reminders to yourself, track and make notes each time you care and connect with your neighbor, keep their prayer request, celebrate those who receive Christ by marking them as a disciple and much more!

Be a Light

When you sign up to be a Light in your neighborhood, you gain access to our Train & Grow resources which help you become an effective missionary in your community. With the tools we provide, you will learn how your home can become a mission outpost in your neighborhood through a Pray, Care, Share lifestyle.

With your personalized neighborhood list you will be able to Highlight your Journey as you show the love of Christ to each of your neighbors, and connect with others nearby who have become a Light!

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By transforming your home into a mission outpost and joining the Pray, Care, Share movement, you can be a part of reaching every man, woman, and child for Jesus Christ, and truly fulfilling the Great Commission!