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Be a Light
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hosted by Gary Kendall

How to Help without Hurting

September 23, 2019

Tom Bassford, from Significant Matters, and Gary Kendall explore how to care in such a way that brings sustainable transformation.

Discovery Bible Studies

September 12, 2019

Cory Ozbun of Disciple KC talks about the impact of Discovery Bible Studies among the spiritually hungry. Hear how Cory and friends use DBS in the workplace, homes, neighborhoods, churches and even prisons.

Disciples Made

August 05, 2019

Brian Phipps talks about finding your calling, living on mission, and making disciples who make disciples.

Caring for Kids

July 01, 2019

Nancy Mitchell leads Caring for Kids, a mission that connects school, churches and business partners. She illustrates how we can emphasize "care" in the pray, care, and share lifestyle. Nancy shares stories of life-change in the students, teachers and those serving.

Gary Kendall shares the "Why?"

May 13, 2019

Gary Kendall shares the "Why?" behind Love KC and the partnership with Blesseveryhome.com. Listen for the "only God..." stories.

The Changing Face of Evangelism

April 18, 2019

Dave Robinson, the Executive Director of Church Movements at CRU, discusses the changing face of evangelism with host Gary Kendall. As our culture changes so must our vocabulary and strategies.


March 18, 2019

Gary Kendall, BlessEveryHome.com Prayer Catalyst, interviews Norm and Debbie Przybylski about their Pray-Care-Share journey. Their amazing stories and obvious love for God inspire and equip us to reach our friends and neighbors.

God Uses Introverts

February 17, 2019

Gary Kendall, introduces Jane Flora Swick, a relatively new user to Blesseveryhome.com. She describes herself as an introvert but her stories will show you how God works through her and her husband, Mark, in their neighborhood.

Gary Kendall interviews author Lance Ford

January 27, 2019

Meet author Lance Ford who is a national leader sharing how to reach your neighbors and bring heaven to earth. Lance tells the story of engaging a neighbor when he was certain he would be rejected. You willl want to hear his take on being the voice of the Word of God in your neighborhood.

How Loving A Neighbor Saved A Family

January 14, 2019

Robin Wood reminds us never to give up as he shares the story of a 14-year relationship with a neighbor, John, who was resistant until a potential divorce caused him to reach out for help. What happened next changed his life for generations to come.

Yes You Can

December 17, 2018

Gary Kendall interviews his neighbors, Lorenzo, and Kassie Castaneda. They share how God got their attention and led them to share Jesus in their neighborhood. They talk about blesseveryhome.com, how to use it, and why it matters.

The B.L.E.S.S. Lifestyle

December 03, 2018

Brian Johnson, Pastor of The Simple Church Network at Westside Family Church, breaks down the acrostic B.L.E.S.S. by sharing stories from his church planting days. He illustrates how B.L.E.S.S. can prepare us to build community with our neighbors and share our faith. He reminds us to join Jesus where He is already at work.

The Vision for Every Neighborhood

November 04, 2018

Founder, Chris Cooper, of blesseveryhome.com shares how he caught the vision for adopting every neighborhood in the U.S. and the events leading up to the creation of his site. Chris reveals where the idea for prayer, care and share came from. He invites you to join a growing movement of neighboring.